June 4th, 2009

Live Outer Banks Launches!

by sage island

We recently launched Live Outer Banks! The client sought out our services to design and develop a website to act as a community directory promoting featured news/events, local business profiles and promotional ads for tourists and locals. Live Outer Banks will have the ability to manage the website by making changes to the text, managing the banner ads, supervising the forum, updating news and events and creating additional pages when necessary. This website will offer advertising space for local businesses that want additional promotion. These businesses can choose to promote their company by purchasing banner ad space displayed in the right pane or enlisting in a company profile page within the website.

The website design, build and framework are completed. The client is now seeking local companies to promote within the website and will be adding content soon. Check back to see how much the site grows! If you are in Outer Banks and interested in promoting your company, you can learn how here.


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