January 30th, 2009

Looking to increase your marketing ROI? Social media may be the answer.

by sage island

A survey of business owners and marketing professionals conducted by HubSpot has revealed some useful information about inbound marketing for small business owners:

  • Among the survey’s respondents, social media and blogs account for 8 percent of sales leads generated — the same amount as trade shows.
  • The top sources of inbound lead generation are search engine optimization at 16 percent, followed by email marketing and PPC at 13 percent and 14 percent respectively.
  • While outbound marketing methods, such as PR and traditional online and print advertising, account for 25 percent of leads, the cost per lead is almost three times the cost of inbound methods ($84 per lead for inbound marketing compared to $220 per lead for outbound marketing).

If you haven’t experimented with inbound marketing methods, such as SEO, PPC, blogging, and social media, you’re missing out on the most cost effective way to generate sales leads. With all of the social media options currently available, now is a great time to get started.

For more facts and figures, check out the full survey results at HubSpot or this data breakdown at Media Post News.

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