January 11th, 2019

What Now? Marketing Trends to Watch in 2019

by Katelynn Watkins

By this point in the new year, we all have at least some idea of what we want to achieve in the months to come.

And now that the holiday season has ended and everyone is getting back to business as usual, you might be turning those thoughts of personal New Year’s resolutions to goals you have for your business or brand.

That’s great! Here at Sage Island, we’re firm believers that there’s always room for improvement, and that if you keep aiming higher and working to be better all-around, you’re bound to see the results. One way you can keep your plans on track, especially where your marketing strategy is concerned, is to take a look at what others in your industry are doing and whether or not it’s working for them. For prime examples of what to do, we recommend checking out the trendsetters’ picks first.

Website Design: Minimalism and Practicality

When you visit a company’s website, you usually have a very specific question you want answered or service you need rendered in mind. But if you have to click through special features or menus within menus just to find what you need, you’re less likely to stay on the site or recommend the business to anyone else. This year, you’ll see a lot more brands turn to a minimalist approach to their website designs, as well as an emphasis on practical user experiences, rather than the flash and bang models we’ve all encountered out there in cyberspace.

Content Marketing: Get Personal

Everyone loves a good story. And when it comes to your brand’s history, your fans want to know how you got to where you are and where you hope to go next. To accurately convey all of that in a way that will appeal to your average audience member, you’re going to have to get personal with your content marketing. Meaning, they’ll want to hear about how the people behind the brand name built it up, and what they continue to do on a daily basis to make sure it keeps growing and improving. In 2019, the brands that can infuse their stories and culture with as much of their content as they possibly can will be the ones to shine.

Social Media: Hold a Conversation

If your followers interact with you on social media, they want to be able to walk away with the impression that they just communicated with a person, rather than a business. This is where you can use innovative strategies to not only connect with those followers, but also spice up your accounts and draw in a few more. Videos and in-office photos can go a long way in making your brand feel “real” to others by giving them faces, names and even personalities, which supplements their business reputations and gives them and their clients some common ground to discuss. This might seem like a no-brainer, but in the coming year, more and more brands are going to have to learn how to converse with their followers rather than just pitch them on another platform.

If you want 2019 to be your year for marketing success, consider making a change using one of these or another up and coming trend in your strategy! The experts here on our island are always ready to brainstorm with you and discuss how we can best help you reach your goals, big or small. Get in touch today!

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