February 23rd, 2017


by Mara D’Auria

Matchpoint is dedicated to helping companies save valuable resources by reducing water loss. Thanks to their expertise, SMART technology, and 360-degree approach, they’ve found innovative ways to identify and solve this issue for their clients.

Their strategies include everything from annual leak detection surveys to permanent system-wide monitoring services. The result? Water asset management that benefits so much more than the bottom line (though saving money is nice, too!).

The Challenge

While Matchpoint’s mission and work is important and sustaining, it’s not always photogenic. In fact, a lot of what they do isn’t visible at all—underground pipes, piles of data, and a reduction in waste don’t exactly make for a great photo shoot. Still, Matchpoint knew that capturing the attention of potential clients was an essential part of getting new work and accomplishing their goals. To help them tell their business’s story, they approached Sage Island. We were happy to help.

The Solution

To help Matchpoint explain their company’s work, we focused on a redesigned website that is sleek, modern, and clearly organized. This goal was accomplished in several ways.

We used bright, bold images and video to create excitement about Matchpoint’s work.

The homepage is a company’s first opportunity to make a good impression by capturing the interest of visitors and establishing their identity and mission. To help Matchpoint do this in a compelling way, our team created a rotating header that features clear, concise copy and an animated water droplet falling into a sea of blue, causing a ripple across the screen. This small but powerful image is subtle yet sophisticated, creating visual interest and excitement.

In addition to an animated header, we use more compelling imagery throughout the site, employing a mix of environmental scenes, such as ice caps and rivers. The color blue unites the site, evoking everything from water to cleanliness to life. 

We put people at the front and center through case studies and testimonials.

Water is only half the equation at Matchpoint. The other part of the clients they serve. We highlighted these relationships on the homepage in two ways. First, we create a section that features testimonials from clients, titled “What Our Clients Are Saying.” These snippet showcase the company’s skills and services through glowing praise that mentions their professionalism, communication, and experience. Further down the homepage, visitors will find another section that showcases a “Case Study,” which goes into more depth about how Matchpoint worked with a client and the positive changes that client experienced thanks to their services. 

We created a “solutions” section to streamline and describe their services more clearly.

Because Matchpoint is a niche company, it was important to clearly describe their services and solutions. We accomplished this directly on the homepage with a small, eye-catching slider that goes through their various solutions, complete with attractive icons that capture the essence of what they do. For a more robust description, links lead visitors to the “Services” page, where they can learn more about Matchpoint.

We built a blog so the company could publish fresh content and improve SEO.

Matchpoint’s previous website didn’t include a blog, which is a one of the best ways to create fresh content, educate visitors about their work, establish their brand’s voice, and improve SEO. We easily set up a “News” section using WordPress and trained Matchpoint’s employees so they could use this tool and help their business thrive.

The Results

We love the flow of Matchpoint’s new site, and expect them to make plenty of waves in the world of water loss. Dip your toes into their new site.

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