Michelle Clark Realty Team Website Design and Development
November 10th, 2017

The Michelle Clark Team

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

The Michelle Clark team prides itself on having extensive local knowledge and its dedication to finding everyone the perfect home on North Carolina’s coast.

Made up of professionals hailing from many industry-related backgrounds, this group of real estate agents strives for a personal touch to business, leaving each client with a feeling of security and trust in those responsible for helping to sell or buy property.


The desired blending of professional and personable tones is something that requires a careful balance, but the Sage Island team was up to the challenge!

We were able to use the existing website and content as a base and add in tailored updates to make an entirely new experience for their clients, both current and potential.


Cool, inviting colors.

To fit with the theme of coastal real estate and create a sense of ease, we incorporated cool colors like blues and greens in much of the website’s design. Some of this was included in the previous website, but we decided to soften some of the original blue tones and inspire more of a relaxed vibe for those searching for a coastal realty service.

Open, engaging language.

Many of the former pages received touch-ups, including theTeam Biographies, Discovery Packages, and Local Information so as to convey the Michelle Clark team’s superior local knowledge and to introduce each member to her advantage for potential clients and residents.

Updated imagery and photos.

In order to show off our beautiful coastal towns, we included as much imagery as possible. This meant new photo collages and shots showcasing special offers and locations that the Michelle Clark team serves.

The Results

For the full results, check out the new website:

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Michelle Clark Team Real Estate Agency Site Design

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