December 29th, 2011

Mobile Site Property Search for Century 21!

by sage island

Sage Island is known for their edgy, innovative websites, and while we love creating websites for any industry, recently what was REALLY exciting was developing a mobile site property search for Century 21 Sweyer & Associates.

Now that everyone has smart phones these days, having a mobile site (not to be confused with a mobile friendly site), is crucial. Seeing how Century 21 is in the real estate industry, it was very important to the client to include a mobile site focusing on the property search. Now, instead of accessing the full site on a smart phone, we jump right into what people want to access: the property search–complete with search options, summary pages and detail pages.

Check out the mobile property search with your smart phone! Keep in mind you will only be redirected to this search if using a smart phone.


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