December 9th, 2011

Mungi Band Fun!

by Mel Beasley

We are having so much fun playing with these Mungi Bands – we can only imagine how much kids are going to love them! This summer a client came to us with a simple, but brilliant idea- he wanted to create a toy/bracelet, similar to the popular synthetic bands, but with a big defining factor- a magnet.  The idea is for kids to collect and trade the different styles and colored bands to make their own design. Our client tested this new product concept first with his own children, and after getting rave reviews, he knew he was on to something! A few weeks later, he contacted Sage Island to help get this product off the ground, in which we took him through a series of phases to further develop branding, identity, design and packaging.

First our graphic artists were tasked with the logo creation. Our design team had a blast creating the Mungi Bands brand. The goal was to create a simple, fun logo that appealed to the children’s toy market and incorporated the magnetic theme. We explored multiple styles, shapes, and colors before we all decided on the chosen logo: A unique style of lettering that plays up the “U” in Mungi, and includes the magnets as eyes to create a smiley, kid friendly mark.

After working out the logo and the “Collect and Connect” trademarked tagline, we then moved into package design and development. Our team skillfully plotted the best way to package these fun bands. From deciding on quantity per package, shape, store placement angles, and finally the package design-we are thrilled with the end result.

We had a great time working on this project. It’s fun to take someone’s bright eyed idea and turn it into a reality. Now, Mungi Bands have over 22 unique designs and colors encouraging kids to collect, trade, share and play with the different styles! They are debuting their product this Saturday at both Wilmington Learning Express locations (10am-12 at the Hanover Center Location and 1-3pm at the Military Cutoff Location).  We encourage you to stop by to pick up these perfect Christmas stocking stuffers, and get in early on this trend!

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