North Carolina Rheumatology Association Website Redesign
January 22nd, 2019


by Gregory Mason

Back Story

The North Carolina Rheumatology Association is a resource for the state’s leading rheumatology professionals to connect and engage with one another, as well as promote the science and practice of rheumatology while ensuring quality health care for patients with rheumatic diseases.

The organization regularly hosts events such as its annual conference, at which practicing rheumatologists and allied health practitioners meet and learn from one another’s experience.


The NCRA’s website needed to serve both marketing and informational purposes. The organization asked Sage Island to redesign the site to focus first on the marketing goal — driving membership registration — and then offer supplemental educational resources for patients and practitioners in one convenient location.


Homepage reorganization

The NCRA’s former homepage featured rotating sliders, each with an internal link to a landing page. We replaced these with one featured image and a call-to-action that drives membership registration.

Lower on the page, we placed more calls-to-action with corresponding images, inviting website visitors to learn more about the NCRA and its annual conference.

Modern, dynamic aesthetic

The NCRA’s former site was designed with solid bars of color and a linear layout, which felt very static. We created a much more engaging user experience by replacing the flat washes of color with elegant gradients and texture overlays to inspire visual interest. We layered the photos we chose and added subtle drop shadows to create depth, then stacked them and the calls-to-action diagonally to form a more dynamic aesthetic.

We also replaced the former site’s iconography with imagery showing people smiling or interacting to represent the NCRA’s mission of connecting individuals within the larger industry.

Advanced functionality

We utilized a powerful plugin from our programming team to achieve the website’s functional goals: allowing visitors to join the organization, donate money, or register for the conference. The client also wanted the website to serve as a patient resource that would help visitors discover rheumatologists. Our programmers created a sortable database that can be filtered by a potential patient’s zip code.

See the results here.

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