April 15th, 2011

New Google Analytics Offered To Sage Island

by Chris Dunn

Today, the Google Analytics team decided to share the new version of Google Analytics with a small group of Analytics users. Luckily, Sage Island was chosen as one of them.  We are here to tell you that the future of Google Analytics is looking AMAZING and more intuitive than ever.  The functionality of this new version makes the site easier to navigate through than ever. You can look at several different analytical variables at one time, under one interface, which is incredibly helpful when comparing your site data.  The Google Analytics team has made it much easier and faster to get to the site data that you’re looking for through the enhanced Analytics platform. You can also view information about your site visitors by new dynamics such as demographics, behavior and technology.  With this new version comes a whole new updated Google Analytics Help Center and Report Finder.  There is also a section in the Help Forum for you to ask questions and discuss topics with other Analytics users.  You can sign up to be considered for this Google Analytics test run at the beta sign-up page.    If you have any questions or do not have Google Analytics set up for your site, please contact us at Sage Island.

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