January 30th, 2018

NORM Group

by Gregory Mason


The National Organization of Rheumatology Managers uses its annual conference to bring about a common goal: improve practices across the country in the pursuit of excellent patient care.

By gathering industry professionals for educational seminars, feedback, and mentorship, the best in the field are able to learn from one another and gain useful insight into daily practices.


NORM already had a large following, considering the size and scope of the conferences, but the website wasn’t as cutting-edge as the organization’s approach to rheumatology care.

In order to present a professional and comprehensive look for new and returning members, NORM needed to update the overall design and approach of its website. Sage Island’s team was happy to help the organization revamp its online presence in preparation for future conferences.


Custom Graphics

NORM’s previous website followed a standard block design, so we decided to shake things up by adding in custom-designed buttons to help direct users toward the various landing pages and important points of the website.

Updated Content

The organization has stayed consistent as far as all the great tools and resources it offers to rheumatology managers, but because we rearranged parts of the layout on the homepage, we also made sure that our content would coincide with the new organization of the page. 

Design and Color Adjustments

In addition to some new graphic elements, we worked with NORM to brighten up the website with bolder accents that matched the logo. Features such as our headers and the highlighted testimonials on the homepage stand out more with the warm backdrops and edges.

See the results here.

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