February 12th, 2018

Opera Wilmington

by Katie Harden


Founded in 2013, Opera Wilmington quickly filled its role as the area’s only live, fully staged professional opera company and provides the region’s devoted opera lovers with stellar performances and opera education for all ages.

Whether you simply enjoy a night of musical entertainment, or are a performer yourself, Opera Wilmington makes it its mission to spread the word about opera and encourage a lifelong appreciation of the music.


Because it is still a fairly new addition to the arts and entertainment scene in Wilmington, we needed to make sure that Opera Wilmington’s website helped set them apart from the other organizations offering similar experiences.

Luckily, their area of expertise is in a genre that is largely underrepresented, so we were able to use the unique qualities of opera culture to enhance our work.


Imagery and Layout

Opera Wilmington had some great photos of past performances, so integrating those with our designs certainly made the job an easier one. We wanted to showcase all that they’ve accomplished so far, so the photos are strategically placed to be the main eye-catching points on each page, supplemented by the corresponding content.

Content Direction

On the original website, Opera Wilmington had included a lot of great information about who they are and what they do. The Sage Island team took that content and made a few minor tweaks to give it more purpose and clarity. In doing so, the organization’s website now has an even sturdier stance in the region’s arts and entertainment world, making Opera Wilmington the go-to for the genre. 

Cohesive Branding  

Around the time that Sage Island took on the website project for Opera Wilmington, the organization had a new logo drawn up by another party. When we began mocking up our page designs, we used colors for the page elements such as headers on white backgrounds to emphasize the logo without detracting from the content or imagery.

See the complete results here.

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