Most Opportune Website for Posting Your Blog Posts
April 24th, 2015

The Most Opportune Websites to Share Your Blog Posts

by Rachel Nell

Upon the completion of a blog post, the next step most businesses take is posting it onto their website followed by Facebook and Twitter. After that, they’re not sure what else to do with it. With so many available platforms out there to promote and showcase content, there are boundless options to gain thousands of potential views, feedback and reputation.

LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn may be an older social network, but it’s purpose is outstanding if you’re a business trying to gain exposure and customer interest. With over 347 million users, LinkedIn provides businesses and individuals a place to build professional identity, network and discover business deals and opportunities. LinkedIn Groups specifically allows professionals in the same industry or with similar interests to share content, find answers, make business contacts and establish themselves as industry experts. Once you set yourself up with an account, simply join by searching for groups you may be interested in. You can even create a group of your own that’s focused on the topic or industry of your choosing. Over 40% of users check LinkedIn daily―it’s a great platform to expand beyond your usual list of connections.


Instagram is more than just images? Yes indeed! With over 300 million accounts, Instagram is quickly becoming one of the most popular social media platforms available. They have an incredibly active community, which makes it a great network to build traffic. Posting an engaging, relevant image that links back to your blog post is all you need to start building interest and a following. The platform’s users are almost evenly split between males and females. Users between the ages of 16-24 make up 41% and ages 16-64 include 20%. Instagram is clearly a winner when it comes to reaching your targeted audience and proving that your business continues to embrace new ideas from our digital world.


Just like Instagram, Pinterest is another social network that showcases attractive images linking to their original sources. Shareable pictures that relate to your blog topic will tremendously help bring readers to your posts. And if you’re unsure about what types of Pinterest images would best suit your posts, there’s a number of creative styles to try out such as showing your products in use or designing infographics. One of the best features of Pinterest is creating multiple boards that target your interests. So if your business writes about several different topics, it’s easy to organize your work through properly titled boards. With over 44 million users, 85% females and 15% males use Pinterest. Not only is this social network a creative way to reach new audiences, it’s also allows you to create backlinks to your website.


Have you ever used or heard about StumbleUpon in conversation?  This network might possibly be the most addicting activity you’ll “stumble upon” if you create an account. StumbleUpon helps users discover unique and interesting things around the Web. It’s an engine that recommends every topic you can think of from art and humor to sports and technology. Each time you land on a page, you can choose to remain on it or click “stumble” to land on something new. StumbleUpon actually refers more traffic to publishers than Reddit, YouTube, LinkedIn and Google+ combined. So each time someone uses the platform, they end up on webpages they may have never found without the help, including your posts! And if they enjoyed your blog, users have the option to follow you and add your work to their list of favorites. How could you not want to explore this ingenious option?


BizSugar is ideal for entrepreneurs and small businesses looking to share their expertise so others can learn from them. It’s a great platform to reinforce your business’s reputation and bring visibility to your content. BizSugar also allows you to make networking connections with other businesses and stay informed. After your blog post is read, users are asked to vote on it if they liked it. In other words, giving your post “a little sugar.” BizSugar then promotes the top 10 posts to their homepage, which are also featured in their newsletter, widget and Twitter feed.

Finding the right places to share your posts isn’t difficult, but you must be sure your content is relevant to your targeted community and follows each network’s guidelines. It won’t be long before you discover the thousands of potential readers available that you’d never discover by sticking only to your website or Facebook and Twitter.  So are you ready to get your name out there and expand your blog post reach? Sage Island would love to help you brainstorm the best options. Our team of SEO and social media specialists can get your content to the right audience so you can build your company into a well-known, trusted resource.

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