October 23rd, 2018

Pawn USA

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

Since Pawn USA was established in 1980, it has grown to be one of the largest pawn shop companies in the region, with six locations spread across southeastern North Carolina.

In addition to those six physical locations, Pawn USA also sells items online using eBay’s eCommerce platform. Pawn USA purchases items and provides cash loans for pawned merchandise. Additionally, the company offers layaway plans that allow customers to pay off the cost of their purchased items over time with no risk to their credit scores.


Pawn USA tasked Sage Island’s marketing and development team with creating an aesthetically-pleasing, intuitive website that represents the company’s commanding presence in the region and its industry in general.

The website needed to advertise each facet of Pawn USA’s business — cash loans, purchasing, and selling — while also appealing to the many segments of Pawn USA’s customers — those in need of fast cash, those browsing the shops for the thrill of finding rare treasures, and those in need of specific items at a discounted price.

The website also had to showcase each individual store location and prominently feature Pawn USA’s online shopping options.


Intuitive Sitemap

Our development team organized the site’s primary navigation so that users can quickly and intuitively navigate to the facet of Pawn USA’s business that’s relevant to their needs: loaning, buying or selling. We also included a link to the new Pawn USA blog, for which our marketing team will write articles that address trends in the industry and company news. These pieces of long-form content will both expand Pawn USA’s customer base by improving the site’s SEO, and provide value to the existing customer base.

Location landing pages

Our development team created a separate landing page for each of the six Pawn USA locations. Each landing page featured unique content optimized for online search, such as an extensive list of items offered at that particular shop. We created links that point to the other location landing pages as well, so users can browse the offerings at each location without leaving the Pawn USA site. We also leveraged internal linking to improve the site’s overall SEO.

eBay Feed

We created a global footer that automatically pulls items that were recently added to the eBay stores and displays them on the main website. We created the footer with a carousel format that cycles through available items for easy perusal.

Homepage imagery

Our design team created an eye-catching, full-width homepage header using a collage of images to represent Pawn USA at a glance.

See the results here.

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