October 23rd, 2019

paws4people foundation

by Katie Sasser


At the paws4people foundation, dogs aren’t just playful pets that add a little comfort to their owners’ homes (though, they’re definitely that, too!). Thanks to the foundation’s training efforts, man’s best friend is changing lives.

Assistance dogs are incredible assets and amazing friends – just ask the staff at paws4people! They train the dogs specifically to help humans rediscover their independence and happiness, inspite of any number of personal complications they may have encountered before reaching out to the nonprofit. Since initially beginning the program, the organization has expanded to include specialized branches like paws4vets, which places dogs trained to help those with PTSD and other conditions with veterans and service members.


paws4people needed its website redesigned to highlight the many ways its assistance dogs could enrich the lives of others, while staying true to the original mission that Kyria Henry set out with in 1999 at the tender age of twelve. To do this, Sage Island’s team employed a few key strategies to bring certain elements further into focus, and help blend others in with their appropriate counterparts.


Visual elements

What’s better than hearing about cute puppies doing amazing things? Seeing it for yourself! One of the major elements our design team incorporated in the new look of the website was an abundance of photos and even video to show off the furry friends that do all the heavy lifting at paws4people.

Content organization

The existing website had plenty of great information, so our content development team just needed to leverage it in the right ways. That meant taking a good look at the page organization and the ways in which the details were presented, then seeing what we could do to optimize all of that in a user-friendly direction.

Social media integration

Social media, especially Instagram, can be highly useful for spreading the word about programs and events like the ones paws4people heads up. So, our team wanted to make sure that fun posts and promotions were completely visible on the website, and that the platforms were all interconnected in a seamless, easily accessed way.

See the results here.

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