Pitt and Greene Electric Membership Corporation Website Redesign
March 13th, 2019


by Gregory Mason

Back Story

Pitt and Greene Electric Membership Corporation is a member of Touchstone Energy®, an alliance of local, consumer-owned electronic cooperatives across the country committed to providing superior service to all customers—residential, commercial, industrial and agricultural.


P&G EMC approached Sage Island in need of a website redesign. The client wanted to create an intuitive user experience that allowed its different types of customers to quickly access relevant information. Visually, the site had to reflect not only the P&G EMC brand, but it had to remain cohesive with the client’s parent company, the Touchstone Energy Cooperative.


Organized sitemap

Knowing that the client’s site visitors would be divided not only by specific needs—residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural—but also by their status as a potential customer or existing customer, our development team created an intuitive sitemap that siloed visitors quickly to relevant information.

We created a distinct section for members’ typical needs like making payments, as well as a section for unusual circumstances like outage reporting, storm preparation, or safety inquiries. We also created a section about the cooperative in general. This included information about P&G EMC’s community involvement, which is always great information to highlight on a website.

Homepage Call-to-actions

In addition to restructuring the website’s navigation, our design team placed prominent call-to-action buttons on the homepage directing visitors to their most common needs: paying a bill, reporting a power outage, restoring power, and enrolling in the customer choice program.

On-brand elements

Both P&G EMC and its parent company, Touchstone Energy® Cooperative, use a specific shade of green in their branded materials, so our designers made sure to incorporate that throughout the site.

See the results here.

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