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December 9th, 2013

Port City Neurosurgery and Spine's New Site Launches

by Mel Beasley

We recently launched a site redesign for Port City Neurosurgery & Spine (PCNS) to convey the practice’s commitment to treatment of brain and spine conditions in the Cape Fear region. Dr. George Alsina and his team believe that a well informed patient is more comfortable before, during and after their treatment. To reinforce this philosophy, our team created an informative site that provides patients and new referrals an opportunity to prepare for PCNS’s minimally-invasive procedures.

Structuring of the new site focused on offering users resources and educational material pertaining to very specific conditions and procedures. To feature numerous educational videos on one page, Brian was able use HTML5 data attributes to pass video ID to grab a specific video from a third party when a user selects an image – opening the video in a nice lightbox. This allows for on-page videos with a quicker load time, setting up a really nice, streamlined user experience. (See Resources). We developed the site pages and internal linking in a way that allows for easy navigation and stronger search engine optimization within the site architecture. To help make patients feel prepared for their visit, we introduce Dr. Alsina and his staff and provide forms and documents needed for the visit.

The overall design of the site was influenced by the very clean and precise characteristics of Dr. Alsina’s specialist field of service and care. The site’s open white space, minimalistic color palette and bold graphics give the site a very crisp, clean feel.

Since PCNS’s site is built in a WordPress content management system, the client can easily upload blog articles, post new forms and documents, and edit all of their pages easily and efficiently.

Check it out: www.portcityspine.com


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