May 1st, 2013

Responsive Web Design: A Seamless User Experience

by Vicki Vasil

Responsive web design—or RWD—is all the rage right now. More than just another internet buzz term, the term “responsive” refers to the instant adaptation of the website you’re browsing to the device you’re viewing it from. The website code is smart enough to react and resize itself to a mobile phone, tablet, or even the size of the window on your computer screen, providing a seamless website experience and a consistent brand message across all devices and all platforms.

Want to see RWD in action? Check out Design Week Portland’s event site. View it on your mobile device, and your desktop. Play around with the window size and watch the site adjust to your view. Cool, right?  And this doesn’t stop at informational and content-driven sites. Many Ecommerce sites have successfully incorporated responsive design into their B2C sites. Check out this top 10 list from

According to a recent study by, 43.5% of internet users access the web with their mobile devices each week, doing everything from email and browsing to social media and shopping. Even if you don’t employ responsive web design, having a site that is viewable on mobile devices and tablets is a must. Sage Island designers can provide a range of solutions to adapt your site to the gamut of devices out there. Do you want yours to be next? Contact us today to explore the integration of responsive design with your current site.

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