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November 7th, 2013

Our Best Projects Begin With You

by Vicki Vasil

While we at Sage Island pride ourselves on offering a group of creative and talented Account Executives to forge a relationship with you and your company, the return exchange from the client is often what determines a project’s ultimate success. The projects that have the strongest outcome are the ones where the client is proactive and engaged in the process. Reaching a project’s goals hinges on great communication and client participation.

The more details you can bring us about your brand, the quicker we can nail a strategy or design down.

In addition to filling out our standard Client Profile, we’ve had clients send us secret Pinterest Boards, bring in binders of brainstorms, paint chips and even hand drawn sketches. Often, a brand’s particular look and style comes not only from researching the target audience, but also from the client’s personality and taste. For some projects, we’ve collected dozens of logos, site compositions, and other designs into mood boards for clients to scan over in order to narrow down the conceptual look and feel of a project before it even begins. Clients have a lot of fun with this. They can point out visual representations of the style they’re looking for and sometimes discover something unexpected about their company brand or their project idea.

Client accessibility is the key to getting a project done well, and by its deadline.

Our clients are busy! They have businesses to runmargins to work within, customers to support, merchandise to manage and deadlines to meet every week. At Sage Island, our Account Executives manage a detailed traffic system, so we can estimate pretty much to the day when an element of your work will be ready. From the very beginning of most projects, we set up points along the way where we’ll get client participation in order to keep the project on task and on target. The projects that are the most fluid and end up with the least amount of dips and dives are ones that the client sets aside a little time for along the way. Too much time between reviews or feedback and the inertia of a project can slow way down. With good communication, we help a client contribute their ideas, goals and content early in order to keep a project from slowing down late in the process.

Getting the materials and content for a project all at once yields the most comprehensive results.

So much of a project’s DNA comes from a client’s history, branding, corporate mission and strategy. Websites, social media and other marketing campaigns are always most successful when the client provides dynamic images that represent the brand and fresh copy to match their updated marketing. Not every company has someone who can create compelling copy, powerful headlines or clear concise statements for their company. That’s why our team includes marketing copywriters that provide custom content also optimized for web search. Also, once we create the map of a website’s new pages, we build a small wireframe that uses simple boxes to show how content will take up the actual pages. This helps a client see exactly how much copy is needed for each page and where it will go, as well as show them what kind of photos might be needed. This helps a client begin to plan on delivering specific content for us to use in the design and build phases of a website project. It’s easier to see where the content is needed before the design begins.

With Sage Island, great web marketing is a partnership – it’s the combination of a client’s expertise in their market with our strategy and experience. Let one of our Account Executives help get your idea off the ground, or perhaps just ask what kind of possibilities there are for your company.

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