Search Engine Optimization Kit

Search Engine Optimization Kit

There are over a billion websites in existence. The best way to make sure your site stands out is through search engine optimization.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, may seem like an invisible, mystical power. In reality it can be broken down into a series of actions anyone can take—including you.

Keep in mind: SEO isn’t optional. It’s an integral part of your digital marketing plan, and a necessary strategy for making sure your business or brand is the first thing customers find when they head to Google. In this comprehensive guide, Sage Island’s marketing team has collected ten tips that will take your SEO to the next level. Full of time-tested advice, real world solutions, and our favorite tools, these tips will make your search engine ranking rise—guaranteed.

Download Sage Island’s free Search Engine Optimization Kit and learn:

  • The importance of Webmaster tools
  • Whether your website is responsive
  • Social media’s effect on SEO
  • How to write effective metadata
  • The secrets of on-page optimization
  • Why quality is more important than quantity
  • How to create a blogging schedule
  • Your strengths and weaknesses, and why they matter
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