You Might Be a Sage Island Employee If
August 11th, 2014

You Might Be a Sage Island Employee If…

by Ashley Bullin

Our office environment isn’t too far off from others—we answer our phones, make coffee, meet with clients, complete our timesheets, attend company meetings, scribble on whiteboards and occasionally order pizza. But here at Sage, there are plenty of things that make us unique. To give you a better idea of who we are as an agency, we’ve compiled a list of special traits you may have if you are indeed a Sage Island employee. Enjoy!

You might be a Sage Island employee if:

…You spend months planning the perfect Halloween costume.

…You’ve been scolded for not putting up an away message on AIM.

…You’re a member of Club K.

…A surfboard falling on your head at work is a real life hazard.

…You know that any company meeting will inevitably lead to a conversation about running.

…You know the fractions for time increments. 25 minutes in a meeting? That’s .42 to meeting.

…You know that parking over the white line will lead to public ridicule.

…You hold two-dollar bills at a very high regard.

…You can name every single part on a skateboard without actually having ridden one.

…You tested positive for Brooklyn Pizza.

…You measure your self-worth by the outcome of Trivia Friday.

…You commonly speak in acronyms. (SEO, PPC, DNN, FTP, etc.) And that may include referring to individuals by their initials.

…The Wayback Machine is one of your favorite websites.

…You would never, ever attempt to heat popcorn in the microwave.

…You have more action figures on your desk than actual work.

…You’re a mediocre softball player, at best.

…You know that one pregnancy announcement will be immediately followed by at least two more.

…You believe that success is primarily widget-based.

Look, we know we’ve got our quirks, but we love every step of the digital marketing process and getting results for our clients. Because of our commitment to excellence and our quality work, Sage Island is expanding! We currently have two job openings for a qualified Internet Marketing Specialist and an experienced Programmer/Web Developer. Do you have what it takes?


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