April 15th, 2013

Sage Island Launches The Farlow Group Website and Custom Facebook Graphics

by Kaylie Soule

The Farlow Group specializes in artisan built homes and renovations. As a company who focuses on customer service as well as the many intricate details of a home, we wanted to build a custom website that reflected their values.

A clear, concise website focusing on their core areas of service (custom homes and renovations) with a clean, upscale design was our ultimate goal for The Farlow Group. We incorporated rotating customer testimonials throughout the site, and a designated “News” section for their company blog. Also included is a portfolio-style gallery to organize and sort photos of their many projects.

Their new website was built in WordPress, a content management system favored by clients, programmers and graphic designers alike.

A user-friendly design, built-in blog and search engine optimization (SEO) tools are just a few factors why a company may want to consider switching to a WordPress site.

Speaking of SEO benefits, on page optimization is the foundation of all websites we build here at Sage Island. We construct each page of a website strategically using keyword research, title tags, header tags and other on-page elements expertly crafted and implemented by copywriters trained in SEO.

Sage Island realizes the effectiveness of social media, which is why we incorporated social sharing capabilities into each photo contained in their gallery.

An important factor to keep in mind about social media is that platforms are ever changing.

Each network’s profile and cover photo sizing guidelines change frequently, and companies must stay informed to ensure their graphics are up-to-date. Policies change as well, which is something we kept in mind when designing The Farlow Group’s Facebook cover image.

The Farlow Group Custom Design Facebook Page by Sage Island

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