A Quality Self Storage Website Design and Development by Sage Island
July 17th, 2013

Sage Island Launches A Quality Self Storage Inc.

by Gregory Mason

A Quality Self Storage Inc. of Leland, NC decided it was time for a website facelift in order to better market their location as a premium, trusted storage facility. So we redesigned and launched the new website, featuring all the benefits of storing your belongings in a safe and secure space. With climate controlled units, boat and RV parking, and truck rentals, A Quality Self Storage offers everything you’d hope for in a storage facility.

The website redesign project began with a new logo design to brand the facility with an updated look. Once the logo was created, our team implemented a new site design to fit the facility’s goals. From a customer standpoint, we knew users focus on two main factors when browsing storage facilities online: a convenient location and size of units. With this in mind, the new site features a prominent address incorporating Google Maps on the homepage and a section illustrating the available unit sizes along with kinds of items that can be stored in each size. This allows users to easily decide on particular units that fit their needs. We created these illustrations in structural design software depicting appliances, boxes and typical household items to scale.


A Quality Self Storage Website Development by Sage Island


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