May 23rd, 2014

Sage Island Launches New Website For AlphaCM

by Gregory Mason

AlphaCM is a longtime client of ours who wanted to refocus their online presence on their software system, AlphaFlex. AlphaFlex is a new kind of software designed specifically for billing and management for behavioral health practices across North Carolina and Virginia. The AlphaFlex system is built to streamline a practice’s overwhelming need for technical management and billing services. The company needed to redesign the website to focus on selling the software by featuring its benefits, introducing its advantages, and positioning the company as a partner in delivering great care. We have always loved working with the AlphaCM team, and we’re excited to give their website a new look, new messaging, and a renewed focus on AlphaFlex’s benefits.

Planning for the new website began with crafting the right message for the right audience. Our team of copywriters and marketers studied the target market and the critical needs of the potential customer in order to build the website around an effective and strategic message. The software has many technical features, but our goal was to focus on the benefits of using the product. We also incorporated this goal into the updated web design, which integrates a bright, modern design with an easy-to-navigate website menu.

The new website gives AlphaCM’s current sales and marketing efforts a cohesive message and voice, allowing the sales team to use the site as a daily tool. The site administrator can use the WordPress admin to easily update news, create landing pages for marketing, and list new features and product changes. AlphaCM is thrilled to have a site fully devoted to giving potential customers an inside look at how AlphaFlex is improving practice billing and management.

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Sage Island Launches New Website For AlphaCM


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