Wilmington Dermatology Center Website Redesign
May 13th, 2013

Sage Island Launches New Website and Custom Facebook Graphics for Wilmington Dermatology Center

by Kaylie Soule

In need of an updated look and feel, the well-known Wilmington Dermatology Center got a makeover of their own! To match their state-of-the-art office and provide a more fluid user experience, the Sage Island team gave the website an overhaul. Built in WordPress, the new site focuses on their four core areas of practice: Medical Dermatology, Cosmetic Dermatology, Skin Care and Clinical Research. The updated site also boasts a refreshed color palette, designed to complement the logo we originally designed for WDC.

We implemented large “mega menus” with accordion text to improve the organization of their sub-categories, making it much easier for their patients to navigate. Collaborating with the WDC team, we worked to reorganize and streamline the content on their cosmetic procedure landing pages to provide a better site experience for those researching the procedures, as well as boost their search engine optimization rankings. Potential patients can now research procedures based on the their cosmetic goals or click on the corresponding logo if they are searching for a specific procedure.


Wilmington Dermatology Center Website Design by Sage Island


Since Dr. George’s procedures and WDC receive quite a bit of news visibility, we incorporated a media page to highlight recent coverage, as well as a calendar plugin to organize their events. We also created custom Facebook graphics to match the newly designed site. The overall updated look and feel matches the sophistication and cutting-edge services that WDC provides to its clients!


Wilmington Dermatology Center Custom Social Media Graphics by Sage Island


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