Sage Develops Website for Holt Oil Company
July 11th, 2014

Sage Island Launches New Website for Holt Oil Company

by Gregory Mason

Holt Oil Company is an 84 year old family-owned operation of convenient stores called C-Store with over 25 locations in New Hanover, Brunswick and Cumberland counties. C-Store has offered nothing less than the very best service, wide selection of products, convenience and value for neighborhoods in our area. We recreated their website to portray them as a quality country-styled, family-owned store that features special offers and attracts repeat customers with deals and promos.

C-Store is devoted to its customers. The new site offers customers easy access to store locations, in-store specials, and customer feedback to help the company find ways to constantly improve its products and services. Each location and its amenities are featured on the Find A Store page. To keep the special offers up to date, we built an easy-to-use feature into the site’s admin for the client to post new products and images on the home page. The site was designed focused on the C-Store customer.

As an established family-owned company in our community, C-Store now has the ability to post news, community involvement activities, and showcase its Fuel Up for Education program. The About Section also features the captivating history of the company.

Holt Oil Company is thrilled to have a new site that conveys its personality in a new and updated fashion. And because the site is built in WordPress, an easy-to-use content management system, they will have no problem keeping the site updated.

Sage Develops Site for Holt Oil Company

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