November 10th, 2014


by Kaylie Soule

Sage Island was honored to facilitate the recent launch and announcement of TriHabitat to the Wilmington community and beyond. With a goal grand opening date of 2016, TriHabitat will become the world’s first and only self-contained endurance sports racing and training venue. This groundbreaking, contained and closed course promises world-class times where athletes will let go of distractions, unlock their potential in near-perfect conditions and prepare for the unique mental and physical demands of competition.

From designing and launching an aesthetically pleasing and fully-functional website to creating and facilitating an engaging social presence, the entire Sage Island team worked together to make it all happen within a two-week turnaround. The website was built in WordPress and features engaging imagery, comprehensive landing pages with a gallery for each area of the facility. Its interactive map rendering of the property boasts all that it will have to offer to endurance athletes and those who join to support them.

While our production team worked to design and build the site in time for launch, our social media experts developed a 4-week social launch strategy. In the first phase, they set up and optimized the Trihabitat Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn to ensure a strong foundation that successfully disseminated information after the project was announced publicly on October 26th. In the second phase, the social media team assisted with the launch, creating both informative and engaging posts that told the story of TriHabitat. Endurance sport enthusiasts and athletes warmly received the announcement, and we’re thrilled with the positive engagement we continue to experience with the brand online. We look forward to the continued success and involvement with the project and all it has to offer the Wilmington area!

Take a look at their site here:









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