August 27th, 2010

Sage Island on the Road: China Action Sports Retail Summit!

by sage island

We’re excited that Mike Duncan, Sage Island’s CEO, will be speaking at this conference about retail growth in the Action Sports Industry. Check out the Press Release!

IASC, SIMA and BRA members confirmed for China Action Sports Retail Summit and CASE

(Hangzhou, China Aug. 2010) Yeah yeah, you’ve heard how big the China market is and how it’s growing. Yeah, it’ll take over as the worlds largest consumer economy inside of 10 – 15 years, BUT, what’s up with retail over there? Especially Action Sports retail!?! Because the market is still evolving (it’s a biiiiig baby) at retail, the opportunities are diverse and the need for dialog is critical. Early adopter companies will shape the landscape for their own as well as Chinas future Action Sports Market.

With this in mind Wabsono International, the guys that brought you Greg & Rusty Long, Mark Healy and Jamie Sterling surfing the Qiantang River bore and the Baby Dragon series Skate contests, is bringing together Respected U.S. Specialty Retailers, Surf/Skate brand executives and Chinese retailers in a forum to present and discuss the challenges and opportunities that this massive market has to offer.

Held on September 25th in conjunction with the three day Surfing China Tidal Bore Festival in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, the Summit format will include discussions and Q&A from US retailers on how they grew their business in the early years, Chinese retailers discussing how retail is evolving in China (25 yrs ago all retail was government owned) and US Brand leaders discussing how they grew their business in partnership with Independent retailers.

US retailers confirmed:

Mike Duncan of BRA
Todd Roberts of ZJs
Milo Myers of Hangar 94
RB Alexander of Hobie Sports

US Brands confirmed:
Cathey Curtis of Quiksilver
Frank Messman of Black Box
Tod Swank of Tum Yeto
Jenn Kong of Vans

China Retail Panel:
The Source

For additional Information, contact Glenn Brumage
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