2014 SIA SnowShow Website Development by Sage Island
July 24th, 2013

Sage Island Presents the 2014 SIA SnowShow Website

by sage island

Our team recently launched the 2014 SIA SnowShow website, and we’re excited to show it off! Recycling pieces of last year’s modern ‘photo grid’ design and merging with the 2014 Campaign Concept, our 2014 interface brings forth important elements such as show dates, social media focus and registration. Similar to previous years, the site features an event countdown clock, embedded show video, dynamic Facebook Feed and much more.

The site colors and gradient were inspired by action sports industry color trends. The yellow offers a nice pop for important site elements like the social media and interactive floor plan callouts, and the key call to action– the “Register Now” link. The snow industry is bright and colorful on its own, so the images really are what tell the story of the SIA Snow Show. Take a look!


2014 SIA SnowShow Website Design by Sage Island

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