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October 7th, 2014

Sage Island Redesigns Auto Wholesale Website

by Gregory Mason

When Wilmington’s leading pre-owned car dealership Auto Wholesale came to Sage Island seeking a new website design, naturally we were excited to begin the project! With a no pressure, no gimmicks approach to selling quality, late model pre-owned vehicles, Auto Wholesale desired a website to better portray those values and convey more of their brand’s personality.

Auto Wholesale’s target audience truly ranges from one end of the spectrum to the very opposite extreme—from young buyers looking for cars with fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs to luxury import buyers seeking sporty, high-dollar makes and models. To appeal to each audience, Sage Island’s graphics team developed a unique design featuring a bold, high-impact style to show off their high quality vehicles [without the high price tags].

Once our design team knocked it out of the park, our copywriting and web development teams got to work. The main goal of the project was to create a unique, worthwhile web experience for users to easily search and respond to Auto Wholesale’s variety of cars for sale. So we crafted content and messaging to highlight their offerings such as special financing and auto maintenance services, and integrated their large inventory management system with custom filtering options. We also implemented strong calls to action throughout the main header messaging and developed an easy-to-use navigational menu to guide users seamlessly from section of the site to the next.

We’re pretty proud of the way the project turned out, and the client could not be happier. Check out the site here:


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