August 21st, 2012

Sage Island Visits Port City Java

by Elizabeth Peavy

Last week we took a field trip to Port City Java headquarters and roasting facility. Our team loved redesigning their website back in June, so we were stoked to see the coffee roasting process first hand.

Left: Kim & Megan, Port City Java Marketing Manager.
Right: Elizabeth in front of the roaster!

With over 32 cafes and growing, Port City Java follows a meticulous process before you take that first sip each morning. They put their coffee beans through a series of tests before even purchasing the beans, then carefully roast and record everything they do so they can keep the consistency of the perfect cup. The full process is fascinating, and you can read more about it on their website, here:

Left: Here is a shot of the 60-kilo Ambex roaster- which roasts an impressive 1200 pounds of coffee a day!
Right: You see bags of coffee beans ready to go out to cafes across NC and beyond!



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