Sage Island's Favorite Social Media Tools and Apps
September 30th, 2014

Sage Island’s Favorite Social Media Tools

by Ashley Bullin

Our digital marketing team is in the know—we stay up to date on the latest tools, trends and news in the social media industry. That being said, each team member has their own preferences, including tools to manage our many clients’ social media strategies. To give you a little insight behind the creative minds at Sage Island, we’re sharing a few of our favorite tools and apps that help us stay on track in the chaotic world of social media.

Ashley Bullin, Customer Engagement Specialist

A complete stickler when it comes to organization, Ashley is a huge believer in the Buffer app. So much so, in fact, that after trying it out personally and then using it for a handful of clients, she insisted that Sage invest in the Buffer for Business plan. Allowing for multiple connected accounts varying at different levels and monthly plans, Buffer enables you to either schedule content out in advance or add it to your queue so that it’s shared at an optimized time. Ashley loves the ‘grouping’ feature it provides for linking clients’ accounts together. Not to mention the simplicity of attaching images and shortened links. Buffer even adds automatic UTM tags to links, allowing you to track visits to your website [as a result of the content you share] in Google Analytics.

Another tool Ashley’s a fan of is IFTTT, which she describes as an “internet recipe book” full of life (and work) hacks. Using the ‘if this then that’ format, apparently you can use it to automate just about anything. For example, if you post a photo to Instagram then send it to your Dropbox account. Or, if you’re tagged in a Facebook photo then save it to your IOS photos. Heck, if the weather predicts rain tomorrow, then send an email to warn you. The possibilities are endless! And Ashley loves it for both professional and personal reasons, obviously.

Steph DeLuca, Customer Engagement Specialist

A Twitter gal at heart, Steph just loves Tweetdeck—a powerful desktop application that allows businesses to engage with their audience members in a variety of different markets. She finds it useful to be able to filter by various types of content: all tweets, tweets with media, tweets with links, etc. The ability to customize columns is also a huge benefit. She is especially fond of columns based on specific hashtags—proving most beneficial to organizations, as it provides the opportunity to speak with engaged users using a branded hashtag or build relationships with users with similar interests. Other benefits include the ability to easily incorporate visuals and the automatic link shortener. (Shortening links in Twitter is a must!)

The Feedly app is another tool Steph uses everyday for both personal and professional use. It’s a great content/news aggregator that pulls in timely stories related to interests you choose when setting up your custom profile. You can select topics, general or more specific, as well as certain websites you’d like to read content from. Steph loves the ability to categorize by interests, and enjoys the custom alerts it sends directly to her smartphone.

Lanette Jorgensen, Internet Marketing Specialist

With a firm belief that frequency, timing and content are the three main contributing factors to driving a successful social media presence, Lanette finds the scheduling feature on Facebook extremely helpful. Sure there are other tools available to schedule content, but posting directly from the platform itself provides ample benefits. Analyzing Facebook insights data such as peak times your audience is active, what previous content they’ve engaged with most and other stats helps you learn what and when to post.

Third-party applications such as WooBox and Shoutlet are also great for implementing promotional campaigns—one of Lanette’s favorite strategies to increase followers and/or engagement on a specific platform. She loves the flexibility these tools allow in order to get creative with social strategies. Run sweepstakes, implement photo contests, develop custom tabs and more! And, best of all, track the results of your campaigns to measure your ROI.

Lanette could not get through the week without Iconosquare, a free tool for measuring stats on Instagram. With followers being most likely to engage on Instagram than any other platform, it’s crucial to track your success. And since there are no stats available on the native platform [yet], Iconosquare provides a way for you to track your most popular photos, average number of photo ‘likes’ and comments, top followers and more.

When it comes to social media, our team is ON IT. We’ve strategized, implemented and maintained highly successful, complex campaigns for a number of clients—incorporating content development, multiple platforms, social media advertising and more. And we do it with a custom approach for each client, taking into account their industry, target audience and overall business goals. Don’t think it stops there either. Our staff can implement search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and more traditional marketing tactics as well. If you’re ready to put the Sage Island team to work for your business, contact us today!



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