August 23rd, 2017

Sage Island’s Mike Duncan to Speak at Surf Expo in September 2017

by Katelynn Watkins

Have you ever considered consulting with a digital marketing professional to grow your business? If given the chance, do you know what you’d ask, or what areas of your strategy you’d want to address?
At this year’s Surf Expo convention in Orlando, Florida, you could seize the opportunity for yourself at no cost.

Surf Expo, one of the largest and longest-running board sports and beach lifestyle tradeshows in the world, comes to Orlando every year in January and September. More than 2,500 industry booths are featured, and there is a full line-up of special events and demos scheduled to
show off the latest and greatest products and business trends. This year, the expo runs September 6-9.

Among those events on the itinerary are unique Learning Labs and consultation opportunities. Sage Island’s CEO and Creative Director, Mike Duncan, has signed on with the bi-annual convention to book free marketing consultations during the event, in addition to his Learning Lab on Friday, September 8, at 3 p.m. His talk centers around ways to work in conjunction with Amazon as a business owner and the secrets to using the Buy Box asset to one’s advantage. Drawing on Mike’s experience with Sage Island as well as his other enterprise, Warehouse Skateboards, his Learning Lab will be a chance for small business owners to learn how to enhance their sales without breaking the bank in the process.

Mike’s consultation sessions will be booked based on pre-registration, which is limited to badged Surf Expo attendees only. Each participant will be granted a private 30-minute meeting, during which he or she can review any website or marketing strategies with an expert in the field. Mike is open to discussing everything from web design to social media marketing, SEO tactics, pay-per-click advertising, and e-Commerce solutions that will help smaller businesses grow and larger ones make the most of their resources.

If you’re interested in sitting down with Mike and hashing out your business’s marketing questions and concerns, you can learn more and sign up here. Space is limited!

If you won’t be able to make it to Surf Expo this time around, follow Sage Island on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for updates during the events!

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