Sage Island Launches FOCUS
April 8th, 2013

Sage Island launches FOCUS website and brand

by Mel Beasley

FOCUS is made up of regional organizations from New Hanover, Pender and Brunswick counties who share common goals related to six elements: Economy, Environment, Health, Housing, Opportunity and Transportation. This united group was selected to receive a multi-million dollar grant to found a regional growth and sustainability program for the Southeastern North Carolina area, the first of its kind here locally.

Originally known as the Lower Cape Fear Sustainable Communities Consortium, this organization tasked Sage Island with creation of a new name, tagline, brand identity, business cards, presentation materials and website. Carrying a cohesive look across print and web platforms, we’ve developed a logo and complementary identifying colored icons representing the areas of focus, which are also paired with infographics to creatively display statistics. On the website, which is created in WordPress, these icons are animated, and provide simple navigation into the more detailed pages on the site.

At FOCUS it’s all about your region, your ideas and your future. The most crucial part of FOCUS is you—the people! The organization’s biggest challenge will be its outreach, and we’ve provided them with an assortment of tools to do so. FOCUS will continually promote upcoming events and resources online to encourage growth, development and prosperity for the region. To find out more or to join the program, connect and FOCUS here:


FOCUS Website by Sage Island

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