Sage Island Spotlight: Mara Stimac
July 28th, 2014

The Sage Spotlight: Account Executive Mara Stimac

by Regina DiPerna

This month, we wanted to spotlight a valuable and irreplaceable member of our team, Mara Stimac. Mara has been with the company for almost a year, and has wowed both clients and colleagues with her professionalism. We love that Mara always brings her A-game to any project she’s working on, and she still manages to be bubbly and brimming with positive energy! In short, we think she’s pretty cool, and you will too. We caught up with Mara and asked the tough (and a few not so tough) questions about life at Sage Island.

What made you want to be an account executive at Sage Island?

The vibe of the company immediately drew me in. You can tell that the team at Sage Island is not only an incredibly intelligent group, but they’re having fun at work. Who wouldn’t want to work in an environment like that? The other part I loved was that when I looked through Sage Island’s portfolio of work. It was a great mix of national and local clients, which appealed to me because I wanted to continue to be a contributing part of the community, while also continue working with larger corporations like I had in my previous roles.

What do you like most about your job?

A lot of people say they love their jobs because every day is different. I love my job because every minute is different. One moment I am working with a designer to find the right color palette and the next, I’m consulting a client on a social media issue. It keeps things very interesting and keeps me learning new things every day, which I love.

What have been some of your favorite projects that you’ve worked on here?

I’ve learned something from every project I’ve worked on, but of course there are a few that standout. Shortly after I started we partnered with an energy drink company to handle their social media. It’s been awesome to build a long term relationship with this client and to partner with them so closely to develop their digital marketing strategy. I’ve also really enjoyed partnering with some local business and associations in the community including Lighthouse Beer & Wine (who recently gave us the opportunity to redesign their site) and the Cucalorus Film Festival (whose site we revamp each year). They’re both really fun design projects, as you might imagine.

What are your hopes for the digital marketing industry at large?

Right now the digital space is saturated with various social platforms, which is great, but time and again, we see clients trying to be all things to all people. We encourage clients to cherry pick the best platforms for their business so that the content is unique to that space and customized for that audience. Brands are starting to embrace it and you’re seeing companies do some really interesting things!

What do you do to wind down after work?

I always take my two dogs for a bike ride when I get home from work. Not only does it help me unwind, but also it’s basically a necessity for the younger one who would otherwise be wound up all night. Their excitement when the leashes come out makes me laugh and it’s a great way to think through the day and relax.

What TV shows are you binge-watching right now?

I recently got HBO GO so I’ve been binging on HBO series, steadily moving through them one by one. My most recent binge was The Newsroom (I know, I’m a little late), and Game of Thrones is always on my must-watch list.

Tell us something we don’t know about you.

I can’t cook—at all. If I was stuck in my house with a full fridge and no way to order in (or go out to dinner), I would have to eat scrambled eggs and toast until someone rescued me.

Cooking skills or no, we at Sage Island are psyched to have Mara Stimac on our team! Her commitment to excellence shows in her work, her attitude, and her relationships with her clients. To see how Mara and our other team members can help grow your business, contact Sage Island today!

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