October 19th, 2011

Sage Supports Local Events!

by sage island

We just love working with the local organizations and lending a helping hand! This year we were fortunate enough to again work with our close friends from both Lighthouse Beer & Wine and Cucalorus!  With October quickly coming to an end and November rapidly approaching we were privileged to help prepare for 2 large annual events.

The first event took place last weekend, and it was the renown Lighthouse Beer & Wine Beer Festival. This year marked the festival’s 10th year in the making and it went off without a hitch! To prepare for this event we provided our creative services to help brainstorm the theme and create the poster design. You can guarantee more than half the Sage Island staff attended the event and are probably in the festival’s photo gallery celebrating another successful Beer Festival!

Another event we are looking forward to is the upcoming annual film festival, hosted by Cucalorus, which takes place in our own town of Wilmington, NC from November 10-13, 2011. To gear up for this year’s big event we provided our services in the creation of the festival poster, festival post card and trifold, as well as reskinned the website to match this year’s theme. Be sure to take a look at the site’s new look and feel! Start checking out the films that will be featured and if you feel extra generous, give a donation here to help Cucalorus put on the event!

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