Sahara Pita's and Subs Website Development by Sage Island
June 28th, 2013

Sahara Pitas and Subs Comes to Life on the Web

by Gregory Mason

If you’ve been around Wilmington any length of time, you know of Sahara Pitas & Subs. Or maybe you’ve heard someone say they’re heading to the Pita Pad for a quick bite to eat. After more than 30 years of serving Wilmington fresh and healthy Mediterranean dishes, our friends at Sahara Pitas & Subs now have a home on the web. Sahara (or The Pita Pad) is famous for its great menu made to order, friendly service and charming atmosphere.

The restaurant’s site allows users to browse through the diverse menu of signature dishes, specialties, desserts and more. The dine-in and catering menus were programmed as interactive panels that allow you to see categories, selections and prices of every item. As a WordPress content management site, the owners can easily update specials, photos and menu items to keep us up to date on all that Sahara Pitas & Subs has to offer.


Sahara Pitas and Subs Website Development by Sage Island

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