March 28th, 2017

Scratch on 23rd

by Mara D’Auria

Scratch on 23rd is a brand new restaurant located in the ILM Business Park that is focusing on its delicious food made from scratch. Each morning, Scratch on 23rd’s in-house baker makes a plethora of pastries that includes everything from muffins and scones to sticky buns and brownies.

Not only is the food fresh, but it’s made from locally sourced ingredients. The breakfast and lunch menus feature dishes that offer a fresh take on beloved classics. These homemade items are the perfect complement to their hand-crafted coffees, exotic teas, and 100% fruit smoothies. Scratch on 23rd opened in March to a bustling crowd excited for fresh food that’s also fast.


Wilmington, North Carolina is a foodie town.

With plenty of restaurant options to choose from, Scratch on 23rd knew they needed to build buzz as they put the finishing touches on their building and hit the ground running once they were open for business. They needed a website that reflected their mission to provide quality, fresh food quickly so they’re patrons would know what to expect. The team at Sage Island needed to do this an organized way that didn’t leave the visitors overwhelmed. We wanted the food at Scratch to speak for itself.


To give Scratch on 23rd a user-friendly site that emphasized their homemade menu and encapsulated their desire to serve fresh food, the Sage Island team came up with several ideas.

These included utilizing visual interest with fresh graphics and a crisp font, highlighting menu items, and embedding social feeds into the homepage.

The finished product is modern and fun but also evokes a feeling of farmhouse kitchen, just like Scratch on 23rd. The homepage draws visitors in with beautiful images of quality fresh ingredients and a funky font. Patrons are then led to view their mouthwatering breakfast and lunch menus. The descriptions are detailed, focusing on scratch made and include pricing. The readers are left fulfilled yet still wanting more, in a way that only an actual visit can satisfy. At the bottom of each landing page are links to Scratch’s social media accounts, including their Instagram feed. Not only does this make followers feel like part of the family with behind the scenes insight, real-time Instagram posts of what’s cooking daily keep customers coming back for more.

The Results

With their new site, Scratch on 23rd can now reach busy out of town travelers and Wilmington locals alike.

The Sage Island team had a great time working on this site but it definitely kept our mouths watering. Check it out today and let us know if this scrumptious new site is leaving you drooling as well:

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