August 26th, 2016

Sea Turtle Camp

by Mara D’Auria

Sea Turtle Camp offers teens the opportunity to learn about marine biology through immersive, hands-on, feet-wet experiential education.

By empowering young adults to be proactive and take ownership of their environment, the volunteers at Sea Turtle Camp and the Karen Beasley Sea Turtle Rescue and Rehabilitation Center help develop focused, responsible, and independent individuals who know how to have fun while being stewards of the ocean.


A long time client of Sage Island, the organization was interested in a new look that reflected current trends in order to appeal to their target audience—teenagers and children interested in sea turtles and marine biology.

They also wanted to ensure their site is easy to use and that the camp schedule and registration information was easy to find. Because Sea Turtle Camp is an academic based summer camp, competition for attendees is fierce—especially in coastal North Carolina, where there are a variety of camps to choose from. They knew their website was their first opportunity to engage their audience, and they wanted their initial impression to be as powerful as possible. 


In order to make Sea Turtle Camp’s new website engaging and welcoming, the team at Sage Island employed a few strategies with great results.

We added a video header to create excitement and energy.

The first thing a visitor sees when they click on the website is a large video of a sea turtle swimming through the ocean. The video plays automatically on a 20 second loop, focusing on a sea turtle as it approaches the camera and then glides away. Video has been proven to demand more consumer attention, and visual content is key to great engagement—especially with younger generations. We were excited to integrate this technology into Sea Turtle Camp’s website and watch as they reaped the benefits.

We incorporated original photos for a unique and personal look and feel.

Sea turtles are the star of this camp, and the organization had plenty of amazing photos to prove it. Our team took advantage of this wealth of resources, using large, high quality images throughout the site to illustrated, clearly and beautifully, all that Sea Turtle Camp has to offer. From images of sea turtles to pictures of campers in action, the photos tell a visual story that stays with the user as they navigate the site.

We built a new schedule for organization and usability.

The goal of Sea Turtle Camp is to enroll students in their many programs. To keep the site organized and help guide visitors to the appropriate camp, we created a drop down menu and landing pages that describe each program in detail. It doesn’t matter if a user is interested in a School Group, a Marine Biology Camp, a SCUBA Camp for Teens, a Women’s Retreat, or a Sea Turtle Destination Adventure in Costa Rica or Hawaii—there’s a place for everything on the new site. Users can also view a Summer Camp Schedule that lists all their offerings in one convenient location, complete with dates, ages, and cost, as well as an extensive FAQ. Everything you need, right where you’d expect it—that’s the key to a good design.  

The Results

We love Sea Turtle Camp’s new website, and not just because we love looking at beautiful turtle photos. Check it out, but be careful—it might convince you to sign up for a camp!

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