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November 4th, 2013

What's New For Search Engine Optimization

by Ashley Bullin

Search engines like Google are ever changing—sometimes from day to day—so while we’re always updating our search engine optimization (SEO) tactics and approach, sometimes it’s necessary for Sage Island to do a more significant shift in our approach in order to adapt. Our internet marketing team has done just that recently, and this article should give you an overview of some major recent changes to our SEO services.

One of the most significant changes Google has made is in the realm of local search results. Mentions of a company’s name, address, phone number and website, called citations, from credible websites like Yelp and Manta have a strong influence on local search results. Citations, which can be links or non-links, provide assurance to Google that the business is in fact real, has a specific location and is associated with a particular industry. Building citation links is time-consuming, but very necessary in order for small businesses to be found on the web.

For larger companies, who aren’t doing business in just one location, our SEO team has shifted its focus to Guest Blogging. Guest Blogging, essentially a link-building tactic, provides an opportunity for companies to get mentions in highly credible, informative blog posts on sites with an active audience and high search engine rankings. Through this new tactic, we strategically target sites relevant to each company’s product or service.

Content marketing is a tactic we recommend for both SEO and social media clients. Creating content that informs, educates or entertains customers and sharing that content through blog posts, websites and social media is a great way to build a stronger SEO presence. It’s also an extremely helpful way to engage social media users. A majority of customers research products and services before spending their dollars, and they’re relying on product reviews and other information to make informative purchasing decisions. Luckily Sage Island has a team of excellent writers, savvy social media experts and search engine marketers to create top-notch content for companies.

These tactics Sage Island will be employing reflect a big shift in today’s SEO strategy—quality versus quantity. Instead of focusing on a larger number of less relevant links across the web, we are now committed to building high-quality links on a smaller number of credible sites. This reinforces the idea that your SEO strategy should be geared toward humans, not computers.

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