September 27th, 2016


by Mara D’Auria

SeatRack is the perfect solution for surfers, snowboarders, skiers, and anyone else who needs to transport large, bulky items safely and securely.

An innovative interior cargo rack, it allows drivers to travel with their gear inside their car instead of on top. Installing this rack is simple, and it can carry up to 50 pounds of object without damaging your vehicle, causing wind noise, or affecting your gas mileage.


Because SeatRack is a new company with a new product, their first order of business was to introduce themselves the industry and connect with their ideal audience.

This would require a website that clearly portrayed their product’s purpose and demonstrated how it can improve a person’s life—all while keeping SEO at the forefront. After discussing strategies with the innovators and owners of SeatRack, Sage Island was ready to take on the challenge of creating an online identity and virtual home for this new product.


In order to establish a clear style for this new brand, we knew we needed to develop a layout that visually displayed the benefits of using a SeatRack in everyday life and craft copy that explained how and when to use this new amazing product. We achieved this goal by employing the following strategies:

Create a Brand Identity with Striking Visuals

When a visitor comes to the website, the first image they see on the homepage is a SeatRack in action, with the tagline, “With SeatRack, nothing stands between you and adventure” prominently displayed. As a visitor scrolls down, they’re greeted with more images of the product, paired with other descriptions of how SeatRack can be used. The product is not limited to storing one specific item, but instead crosses over into multiple industries. Photos show it holding a surfboard, lumber, a GoPro, skis, etc. in order to make its versatility clear. In addition, every photo is edited with the same style and lighting, in order to create a cohesive feel to the side.

Craft Energetic and Adventurous Copy

Because SeatRack is so new, it was important that the copy on the website conveyed the mission of the product and the values of the company, as well as provide detailed descriptions of the products being sold. Our writers also developed and paid close attention to customer personas, writing in a way that would appeal to SeatRack’s target demographics, such as weekend warriors who love surfing, traveling, and adventure. The result is messaging that is simple, elegant, and clear, with a personality that helps build the SeatRack brand.

Build a Website with Strong SEO

As a new business with a new product that is being marketed on a new website, optimizing the website for search was key. Good SEO means potential customers will find SeatRack when they’re looking for cargo rack solutions, which leads to brand awareness and ultimately sales.  The marketing team at Sage Island used a combination of metadata, keyword optimization, social media backlinks in order to help SeatRack rise in Google’s ranks. After just a few weeks, they’re already on the first page of results and we’re confident they’ll continue to climb.

The Results

SeatRack now has an easy-to-navigate website that clearly portrays their missions, purpose, and products.

We know their new website will not only attract consumers, but guide them through a smooth process from the initial search to checking out. Visit their site and check out this awesome new product now!

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