February 12th, 2018

Self Care Therapy

by Katie Sasser


There are many ways to treat chronic pain, and for Self Care Therapy in Wilmington, NC, it’s all about working with a patient on an individual basis to find the best solution.

The wellness center implements every treatment option – including medical yoga, life coaching, and lymphedema management – to improve the lives of its patients and make chronic pain management a less imposing part of their day.


The most difficult part of building and maintaining a website for a client in the medical field is ensuring that the information included is as detailed as possible without overloading page visitors with jargon that’s hard to understand without experience and training.

Working with Self Care Therapy, Sage Island wanted to create an engaging yet informative website that described the wellness center’s practice and the science behind some of the conditions commonly treated there.


Products and Shopping

Self Care Therapy is a one-stop shop for chronic pain management – the staff offers treatment plans and support, and patients also have access to purchase the tools of the trade for their own in-home therapy sessions. We helped make the products stand out on the new website to make them more accessible.

Informational Language

Self Care Therapy’s staff is incredibly knowledgeable in what they do, and it really showed in all of the information presented on the original website. We didn’t want to lose that in the redesign, but optimize it for future page visitors. Our team worked with the wellness center to be sure that the information comes across well to those not trained in the medical field, but who might need a summary of the condition and what to expect before beginning treatment.

Inclusion of Staff Photography and Design

It’s important for patients to be able to trust their medical caregivers, and a key part of that is giving a face to the name. Sage Island included staff photos in the website design, alongside the brand’s calming blue and white color combination, to make the staff of Self Care Therapy approachable and familiar to current and future patients.

See the results here.

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