October 19th, 2010

SEO – The only thing constant is change

by Elizabeth Peavy

Everyone’s been talking a lot lately about the impact of Twitter in search results, and of course, the ubiquitous “likes” from Facebook. It’s clear that social media has impacted SEO, as Google is changing the way it returns search results.  But what about this change is any different than the others?  SEO is constantly evolving and transforming and the addition of social media in search is yet another way to keep us on our toes. If you missed this article on Mashable,check it out.  And if you want to talk to us about your own site, contact us anytime.

How Social Search Will Transform the SEO Industry

Facebook and Bing announced last week an agreement that would allow Microsoft’s search engine to return results based on the Facebook “Likes” of the searcher’s friends. Additionally, Google recently began including Twitter updates in its search returns. It’s a natural innovation that fits into the business models of both companies and takes the trend of individualized search results to its next logical level: results tailored to the searcher’s existing social footprint. (Read Full Article via@mashable)

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