October 9th, 2019

Shapemasters, Inc.

by Gregory Mason


Since it was initially established in South Carolina in 1993, Shapemasters, Inc., has completed more than 146 golf course construction and renovation projects in the United States and abroad.

With award-winning precision and innovation, the company now operates mainly out of its base office in Southport, North Carolina, and continues taking on jobs that make the pages of such esteemed publications like Golf Digest and Golf Magazine.


Because Shapemasters is so widely known, the key to an improved website didn’t lie in totally revamping every piece of content that already existed on the old one. Instead, the idea was to take what was there and, much like the company does when it renovates a course, build it up to more accurately reflect all of the company’s capabilities.


Messaging and content

Because Shapemasters would feature some new information about specific building options for bunkers and other unique features, our copywriting team had to do a little research and work with the client to provide as many details as possible for potential clients. It’s important to showcase one’s expertise on the business’s website, so Shapemasters needed to come across as the industry authority that it is. That also included the addition of a few dynamic headers and images, the better to illustrate some of the company’s main focuses.

Portfolio expansion

In addition to written content, the new Shapemasters website received new photos for its expanded portfolio. Not only that, but the Sage Island team was able to make the projects more visible by integrating clickable photos on related pages of the website. That way, if users want to see examples of a particular feature or concept, there are a few of Shapemasters’ own examples at the ready.

User-friendly navigation

With some tweaks from the team, Shapemasters now has a user-friendly navigation and website layout that makes it much easier to find what you need to plan the renovation or construction of your golf course. Potential clients can sail through the options and read up on the company’s expertise, while returning ones can locate familiar projects and quickly get in touch to ask about features they’ve had their eyes on for some time.

See the results here.

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