FootStake Portable Kayak Stand Website Design
May 19th, 2017


by Gregory Mason

The Shore Tee by FootStake™ is a new product that has taken the world of water sports by storm. A portable and affordable boat storage system, it’s the piece of gear kayakers, canoers, and outdoors aficionados have been missing.

The Shore Tee protects valuable boats and boards from harmful elements by keeping these valuables off the ground, allowing them to dry and protecting them from mold and other environmental elements. This innovative boat rack is a simple solution for at home storage and is easily portable for painless use during any outdoor adventure.

The Challenge

New products are one of Sage Island’s favorite challenges. We love building a brand from the ground up and launching new products into the world.

When it came to designing a website for the Shore Tee, our goal was to clearly convey the versatility of this product while embracing the company’s love of the outdoors. Because the Shore Tee is brand new, we had the unique opportunity to start completely from scratch. We also had to make sure that this new product had a separate identity from its parent company, which specializes in home products and serves a different demographic.

The Solution

To give the Shore Tee by FootStake™ a modern yet adventurous look, the Sage Island team employed several strategies.

We built a website around large, bold images that capture the energy of the Shore Tee brand and lifestyle.

Because the Shore Tee is an unusual product, we knew high quality images would be key. Our account executives helped coordinate a professional photoshoot, and our graphic designer weighed in with a shot list. Once the images were complete, our team had a wealth of amazing photos with which to work.

By incorporating these original images into the design, we kept the focus on what truly matters—the effortlessness and convenience of this amazing tool. To maintain brand consistency and messaging, we focused on fun and active images. Many of these images contained the color red, which is also found in their new brand identity. Not only does this help with consistency and flow, it helps the images and the Shore Tee product pop among the copy.

We organized information in an easy-to-navigate drop-down menu.

To clearly show users what the Shore Tee is and how the product works, our designers and programmers created a site that is clean, visually pleasing, and well organized. On the home page, large images capture that rugged feel, while calls-to-action guide visitors to the most essential parts of the site. The menu at the top features a directional guide, product features and most importantly a shopping menu. Visitors can also read the company’s story, and follow along on the adventures of Traci Lynn Martin, an avid kayaker and supporter of the FootStake brand. At the bottom of the homepage, a footer with beautiful photos links users to Shore Tee’s Instagram account. This engaging features encourages visitors to click through and get personal with this company and their product.

The Results

Ultimately, the goal of this website is to engage potential customers and keep their attention where it should be—on this fabulous new product. Dive into their new site and let us know what you think.

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FootStake™ Website Design

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