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February 6th, 2014

Is Your Site Ready for Search Marketing?

by Gregory Mason

Understanding the importance of rank on search engine results pages, business owners often come to Sage Island for a search marketing plan. They hate it when their competitors show up before them in keyword searches, or they feel powerless knowing that currently, they’re not even part of the first page game! It certainly is important to work at getting a lift in search rankings and it’s one of the services we’re proud of. However, sometimes a site needs more than lift in rankings – first, it needs a whole new face.

Before starting up that content marketing campaign, social strategy and those pay-per-click ads, perhaps you should first step back and take a look at your site’s user experience. Is the site able to effectively turn its current web traffic into leads? Sometimes it takes a fresh perspective from an outsider, or even feedback from your current customers to help you see that critical changes are needed. Knowing your customers, conveying the right message and streamlining conversions are some of the most important things you can do to improve your site’s usability.

Know Your Customer

Your site’s success begins with you knowing and understanding your particular customer. Use your understanding of your target customer to design your site’s functionality and messaging with them in mind. Are they researching before a purchase? Are they looking for a company they can trust with a long-term decision? Do they need urgent help immediately? Are they just looking to restock with your product? Sometimes it helps to list out the answers to questions such as these when you begin to re-think your website’s structure and message. Solicit customer feedback through interviewing and surveying and create a persona that identifies your customer type. Consider recreating your site based on customer types that most often visit your site. Understand their demographic, motivations and needs in order to prioritize and improve the site design.

Have the Right Message

So once you know your customer, speak directly to them. Answer their question, ease their mind, provide good content to help solidify a sale, and offer them the product or deal they’re looking for. Too often a site doesn’t convey the personality, vision or passion of a company who provides personal and customer-focused services. Or the site makes a business seem unapproachable or out of date and out of touch. There’s more to your message than a paragraph of copy. Use imagery, color, headlines and style to help portray your message effectively. Create good content and use a style of copy that speaks with your particular voice built on delivering your customers’ particular needs.


Keep your site as easy to use as possible. Can you answer your customers’ question by offering a particular page, contact form or featured product or service on the home page? Can you offer an approachable and personable aspect to help gain a customer’s trust – and turn that trust into a relationship? Give your site simple navigation, clear messaging, callouts for specific aspects of products and services and guide them toward the conversion you need from your site.

Yes, a site needs optimization and to stay current with search standards of indexing. And yes, an on-going search marketing strategy is important. But before improving search, perhaps a site needs improved usability and user conversion before the all-hands-on-deck search marketing campaign. Let’s start first, by ensuring your website is converting the traffic it currently gets! Get started by contacting our team to talk about where to begin with your website redesign.


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