Sage Island Attends Internet Summit 2013
December 2nd, 2013

Social Media Tactics from Internet Summit

by Mel Beasley

A few members of our marketing department recently attended Internet Summit 2013 in Raleigh, NC. Taking part in this event alongside 2,000 cutting-edge marketers, innovators and technology professionals from all over the country, we learned several new tactics and tools, and we solidified our knowledge of social media, content marketing and more. Here are a couple of key social media takeaways we wanted to share with you.


It’s been a huge year for Instagram. Brand adoption of the social platform is up 80% in just one year, and 2013 marked the beginning of Instagram ads. Companies like Harley Davidson and Sharpie have done phenomenal jobs of creating consistent themes for their brands. Starbucks is another great example and we especially love their use of tools like PicPlayPost, an app that pairs a still image with a video.

Starbucks PicPlayPost Instagram Post - Sage Island Blog

Michael Kors was the first brand to post an Instagram ad, which resulted in 218,000 likes in 18 hours (a 370% increase) and 33,000 new followers.

First Instagram Ad by Michael Kors - Sage Island Blog

Hashtag Use

Knowing the different ways in which hashtags are used on each social network (and which networks support hashtags) is the most important step in choosing the right hashtags. For example, hashtags enable brand discovery and interaction on Facebook. When choosing which words to place a strategic “#” in front of, it’s best to think of keywords.

Here are some common hashtags you may see on Sage Island’s posts: #DigitalMarketing #SEO #ContentMarketing #GraphicDesign #WebDevelopment

Using just four hashtags can increase up to 77 interactions, so choose your hashtags strategically and take advantage of the additional exposure they gain for your post. Also remember to incorporate hashtags into the flow of your content, and resist the urge to cram them all at the end of your post.

Check back for more posts from #ISUM13. (See what we did there?)

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