November 14th, 2014

Southeastern Grain Company

by Mara D’Auria

Earlier this week, Sage Island launched a website for Southeastern Grain, a top supplier in the feed ingredient industry (ie products like grain, livestock cotton, etc).  Southeastern Grain has been a long time client and had an aesthetic they were proud of but want to modernize the feel and improve the functionality of their site. As such, we kept the same DNN template but restructured the pages for visual appeal and ease of navigation. The client was also interested in the integration a 3rd party data tool, AgriCharts, to feed in real time market data and weather to many pages through site, giving visitors a accurate view of current conditions and market fluctuations. Also, as the company grows, they are putting more and more focus on their range of locations and robust staff throughout the area and were eager to showcase these facilities throughout the site and with individual landing pages a priority for each spot. The Southeastern Grain team is very happy with this new platform to showcase their expertise and continue to position themselves as the go to company within this industry.

Check it out here:








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