December 7th, 2017

Sport City Rec

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

Local to Wilmington, North Carolina, Sport City Rec is the place to go to blow off steam with coworkers and friends! The organization offers volleyball, kickball, and flag football in a fun and socially engaging environment.

The leagues are open to everyone, individuals and ready-made teams on all skill levels. No matter the game, Sport City Rec’s goal for each participant is to enjoy free time with the team while getting some fresh air.


Because Sport City Rec is a one-of-a-kind organization for the area, its website needed to reach every potential player on a level that would make him or her comfortable with joining a team sport.

To do this, Sage Island would need to make it more engaging than it was before, and bring in new details for participants to learn more about Sport City Rec and exactly how to join in the fun.


Rebranding and Development

When Sport City Rec decided to represent itself differently, Sage Island’s crew jumped at the chance to design a new logo that conveyed the easygoing nature of the leagues. We then incorporated the color scheme of bold blues and robust reds to emphasize the excitement and energy that team sports invite.

Imagery and Photos

With the assistance of the Sport City Rec staff, we pulled together relevant imagery to enhance to site’s overall layout, as well as highlight some of the teams that have played in leagues past. By featuring some of those former players, we could show potential ones what they could experience at Sport City Rec’s great outdoor facilities.

Content Modification

In order to bring in new players, it was important to make sure they could easily find all the information about the leagues and Sport City Rec itself. Sage Island worked with the organization to make sure all the web pages had clear and concise language that answered common questions associated with joining a local team.

See the results here.

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