June 22nd, 2018

St. Regis Condominiums

by Gregory Mason

Back Story

St. Regis is a condominium community located in Topsail Beach, North Carolina.

It serves three distinct markets: current or potential condo owners, vacationers interested in renting short-term, and those looking to host an event at St. Regis.


The homeowners association asked Sage Island to design a website that communicated specifically to these three audiences, using the features and amenities of not just the community, but also the region.

The site also needed to attract those in different phases of buying a vacation home or planning a trip: dreamers— those just starting the process, without a clear destination in mind—and planners—those who have narrowed down the location and are seriously considering the coastal North Carolina area. To appeal to dreamers, our marketing team positioned St. Regis to compete nationally, touting the perks of its Topsail Beach location. To appeal to planners, we also took on local market competitors, advertising the selling points specific to the St. Regis community.


Menu Organization

The first three menu items our web design team created in the primary navigation were Live, Visit and Host. [KW1] By listing those items first, we ensured that website visitors would be immediately funneled to the information relevant to their needs.

Transitional calls-to-action

We typically place calls-to-action on a webpage to prompt a desired response, such as filling out a contact form, from visitors after they’ve read the information presented on that page.[KW2]  On the St. Regis site, however, we wanted users to interact with the information as they would a story, navigating from one page—or chapter—to the next. As such, the calls-to-action at the bottom of each page led visitors to the next page in the St. Regis story.

Immersive, engaging aesthetic

Regardless of whether we were promoting the selling points of the St. Regis community or the Topsail Beach location at large, imagery was essential to communicating our message. We filled the site with large, bright images of Topsail Beach and the community amenities to tempt new visitors, and liberally used the St. Regis brand colors—orange and light blue—to give the site a warm, beachy tone.

Our development team utilized the latest web design techniques to create a modern, engaging experience. We’ve seen flat design trending down lately in favor of depth, with layered elements and drop shadows that create an immersive, 3-dimensional experience. We designed the St. Regis site in that style, with an asymmetrical layout known as the broken grid that lends visual interest and leads the user’s eye down the page.

We also rewrote and organized the copy, creating hierarchy through varying font sizes, weights and colors.

See the results here.


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