Sage Island Staff Spotlight Kaylie Soule
September 6th, 2013

Staff Spotlight: Kaylie Soule, Account Executive

by Vicki Vasil

Our Account team members at Sage Island are the front line. They’re the familiar face for our clients. The info-gatherers. The idea collectors. The project managers. Account Executive Kaylie Soule has been working with Sage Island for two years, and this month we focus on her for a Staff Spotlight.

Kaylie has lived in Wilmington for over 10 years, having first come here to attend school at University of North Carolina Wilmington. In her time here, she has developed a true passion for the unique local businesses and nuances of our city. She also has a strong interest in real estate, having previously worked for an agency specializing in high-end real estate clients. Here Kaylie works with a range of real estate businesses, from large brokerage houses in town to specific agents, builders and developers.

Often asked, ‘Why didn’t we hire you guys earlier?” Kaylie thrives on the success of her clients. “Witnessing a client’s satisfaction because we’ve helped them achieve marketing goals they hadn’t before is the most fulfilling part of my job,” she says.

At a boutique size agency like Sage that works with a wide range of business sizes and industries the key to success is adaptability. In servicing a range of clients from the aforementioned real estate sector to professional services, Kaylie draws from her experience serving both sales and marketing roles. It’s made her a well-rounded professional who understands the 360-degree business perspective.

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